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Retailing the Forests Report

Retailing the Forests

Focusing on Australian retailers involved in selling native forest products. Retailers are able to play a huge role in protecting the world's native forests by implementing procurement policies that rule out the selling of native forest products.

Australia's native forests contain the world's tallest hardwood trees and are rich carbon stores. They are also home to many iconic species such as the Leadbeater Possum, the Tasmanian wedge-tailed eagle the numbat and koala.

Biomassacre Report

Retailing the Forests

The dangers of establishing native forest based bioenergy projects to substitute for Australia’s ailing woodchip export trade, including the adverse climate impacts that would arise, are outlined today in a new report by environment group Markets For Change.

This report is being released to coincide with an industry conference in Melbourne called Residues to Revenues that advocates using wood to produce electricity and liquid fuels.

2012 Olympics Timber Report

Retailing the Forests

For more than six months, MFC has followed timber from the ancient forests of Tasmania to the University of East London’s newly constructed Sports Dock which will be used by Team USA before and during the Olympic Games of 2012.

Ta Ann, a Malaysian logging and forest products company has been supplying native wood to build the Sports Dock.