GUNNS’ PROPOSED TAMAR VALLEY PULP MILL SAGA: Timeline of Key Events: 2003 - 2017

The saga of the pulp mill began in June 2003 with then Deputy Premier Paul Lennon spotted having dinner with John Gay, CEO of Gunns Limited, with documents sighted on the table which referred to a proposal to build a pulp mill. Following that revelation both the State and Federal Labor and Liberal parties were in lock-step support for the pulp mill despite growing community outrage and dissent. Below are a few key ‘highlights’ over the last 14 years that the toxic pulp mill cloud has hung over Tasmania, blighting Tasmanian politics, community, and reputation. 

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Government attack on environment groups seeks to silence us, starve us out

The attack on environment groups by the Australian government has entered a new phase. They plan to silence us by starving us out.

A Treasury Discussion Paper on Tax Deductible Gift Recipient Reform Opportunities is proposing new requirements that aim to restrict and redirect our activities and tie us up in red tape. This follows the Abbott government’s controversial Inquiry into the Register of Environmental Organisations targeting tax deductibilty of donations. It was widely condemned as politicised and resulted in dissenting reports, but the government is ploughing on.

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It's on. Tassie forest law to expedite logging

We are ready.

The Tasmanian Parliament is poised to put Tasmania’s high conservation value forests back on the chopping block! They have already repealed the law that set them aside for protection.

Our devastating campaign in the markets was instrumental in securing these same forests in 2014 when the industry kept making exemptions to log them, in defiance of a so-called moratorium. Japanese companies in the supply chain were not impressed by the destruction. They responded to the cries from the hearts of Australians that we were able to deliver to them. Contracts were cancelled.

With your support, we can do this again.

Tasmania’s upper house has voted in principle to support the legislation and is now debating fine points and possible modifications of this unacceptable logging proposal. It has already been approved by the lower house, using the government’s majority.

It’s one thing to decree by law that the forests of the Tarkine, Wielangta, Bruny Island and the Blue Tier can be logged, but it’s another thing to sell this product to companies sensitive to environmental vandalism.  Customers don’t want to buy forest destruction, and we’re skilled in making companies and customers aware.

That’s why Senator Eric Abetz repeatedly criticises Markets For Change and with his cronies has been making strenuous efforts to destroy us. We’re not intimidated by the threats but regard them as a badge of honour.


Our name, Markets For Change, encapsulates our mission.

Please help us get the message to the market, to those companies that will be deciding whether to buy the wood products. Not only will you help us make it unprofitable to log, you’ll probably annoy Abetz and friends into the bargain!

Your donation is still tax deductibleAbetz hasn’t managed to change that, yet.

Yours sincerely,

Peg Putt, Nathan Harris, PK and Cath

The team at Markets for Change

PS. We always appreciate your support and realise you get a lot of appeals from the many worthy groups who, like us, are finding it tough to pull together the resources to campaign in the current climate. This is a genuine emergency so please help if you can.


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Markets For Change CEO Peg Putt 11th November 2016, in reaction to the election of Trump as President of the USA.

As the world reels over Trump’s victory, many people are saying that they are shocked into a desire to ‘do something to make a difference’ – but what?
At Markets For Change we have an important piece of the answer: markets campaigning.

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Tasmanian Governments Logging Plans Explained

Speech by Peg Putt - 14 December 2016

Hobart Town Hall

town hall


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