Media Release: Banner Displayed Outside Japan Kenzai Fair in Tokyo today “Stop Destroying Sarawak for Plywood”

To highlight the role of Japan’s use of plywood timber products in destroying the forests of Sarawak Malaysia, a huge banner was unfurled at the Japan Kenzai Fair, at Tokyo Big Sight today.

Markets For Change and Japan Tropical Forests Action Network are raising awareness of this serious issue and appealing to Japanese consumers and the public to help improve the situation.

“We are asking companies to stop buying from Sarawak and to get supplies from environmentally responsible sources instead,” said Ms Peg Putt, CEO of Markets For Change.

A new report Too Little Too Late is being launched by these two environment groups in Japan this week. It explains that Japan’s demand for plywood used in housing construction is causing devastation in magnificent tropical forests, but that 67 companies have not ended the trade after being asked to do so a year ago.

“We’ve documented the destruction of forests and the devastating impacts on indigenous people, and also identified the companies in Japan trading in the products that are driving the logging. We gave this information to the companies trading in and using the plywood for housing and condominiums but they have not taken effective action to stop buying this product. We hoped they would change to a more responsible supply.”

“Now we are letting the general public and consumers know of this serious problem. We hope that people will be moved by this crisis in faraway forests that is being caused by the demand for this timber in Japan.

The report is available in Japanese and English here: 



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