Media Release: Banner raised in Hobart against industrial scale burning of native forest biomass for International Day of Action on Bioenergy

To mark a day of global protest about #BigBadBioenergy a banner "No Biomassacre' was raised at Parliament House this morning.

In Tasmania the key issue is the proposed use of native forest biomass for energy production in commercial and industrial scale facilities, as a substitute for the ailing woodchip export trade. It is quaintly termed a 'residue solution' when in fact the income would support continued logging of native forests, destroying biodiversity and adversely affecting the climate.

"It's wrong to claim that burning logged native forest in industrial facilities for energy generation is a climate solution when the opposite is true. It is not only as emissive as burning coal, but logging our native forests also is driving threatened species like the Swift Parrot and Masked Owl further into trouble," said Ms Peg Putt, Markets for change CEO.

"The travesty of wrecking our superb native forests and burning high volumes of the resulting biomass is a biomassacre that will be one of the first issues for protest after Australia's High Court has today struck down Tasmania's draconian anti-protest laws, Ms Putt concluded.



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