Media Release: Calling all cup conscious candidates!


All election candidates to be asked to be cup conscious during the campaign

As the list of all candidates contesting the Tasmanian election is now finalised and will be made public at noon, each individual will be asked for a commitment to taking a reusable cup with them on the campaign trail and not to use throwaway cups for coffee and other beverages. Disposable cups are not recyclable or compostable in Tasmania.

“We’ll be sending out a request to all candidates to be cup conscious when out and about on the election campaign,” Markets for Change announced.

“The campaign trail is arduous and candidates of all persuasions need a caffeinated pick-me-up at times, just don’t add to the piles of intractable waste generated by throwaway cups. Make sure to always have your own reusable cup with you.”

“Cup conscious candidates can lead by example and be acknowledged for doing so.”

“Our call for cup conscious candidates is unique because we are asking them to take action now during the election, and not just make promises for afterwards.”

Cup conscious candidates will be highlighted on our social media. Look for: #cupconsciouscandidate

Markets For Change runs the cup conscious café campaign in which cafes around Australia have signed up to fill reusable cups brought in by customers:



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