Media Release: Cup Conscious Cafe Movement

Today Markets For Change is launching an exciting new movement of ‘Cup Conscious Cafés’ in Hobart. We are asking cafes in central Hobart to sign a ‘Cupifesto’ making a commitment to allow customers to bring their own reusable cups when they buy their coffee.


Participating cafes are provided with ‘cup conscious café’ stickers, so customers can simply look for the sticker at their local coffee shop to see if they are participating.


The launch coincides with actions around the globe as Environmental Paper Network member groups campaign to highlight the environmental destruction and waste generated from disposable coffee cups, and the need to abandon our throwaway culture. 


 “We all love grabbing a coffee from our local cafe in the mornings, but most disposable coffee cups aren’t recyclable or biodegradable. The reality is that the cost of throwaway coffee cups on our planet is astronomical! That’s why we are getting local Hobart cafes to sign on as a cup conscious café,” said Markets For Change CEO Ms Peg Putt. “There’s been a great response and we hope that the cup conscious café movement will spread throughout Tasmania and further.”

“It is estimated that 58 billion paper cups are thrown away globally each year! That’s one million tonnes of paper, or 32 million trees and 100 billion litres of water, emitting as much greenhouse gas as half a million cars. It’s a mountain of waste that has serious environmental consequences. The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to use their own reusable cups as a way of minimising the mountains of waste, deforestation, pollution and co2 emissions which come from our widespread use of disposable coffee cups.” 


“You can ask your local cafe to show their support for a more sustainable approach to our coffee culture by contacting Markets For Change to sign up to the Cup Conscious Café Cupifesto and get a sticker” Ms Putt said.


To check which coffee shops in Hobart are participating, see our list of cup conscious cafes at  


To join: contact us at or on FaceBook

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