Media Release: website launched to highlight cafes who pledge to fill reusable cups, as part of International Day of Action on Throwaway Cups

A new website to foster cafes supporting customers to use reusable cups instead of throwaway coffee cups is being launched today by Markets For Change as a rolling day of action on throwaway cups around the globe culminates in Australia.

Actions by civil society organisations around the world advocating avoiding using throwaway cups, which cause harm to people, forests, water and the climate, commenced in China on Wednesday 22 March 2017 moving through Europe to the United States and thence to Australia on 23 March. 

The website will eventually cater for the worldwide movement that is developing. Expansion of the cup conscious café initiative beyond Australia to the US and UK is underway.

“Billions of throwaway cups are used every year, then dumped, which is a pointless waste of resources. Paper cups in particular use more than 30 million trees,” explained Ms Peg Putt, CEO of Markets For Change. “Most are not recyclable.”

 “But ‘cup consciousness’ is growing. More and more people recognise the destructiveness of throwaway cups, and want fast food and drink companies and politicians to make it easy for us always to drink our tea and coffee from reusable vessels.”

“Our cup conscious café movement started in Hobart a few months ago and is now spreading,” Ms Putt continued.

 “The website is at the heart of the initiative as it identifies cafes signed onto the initiative with a GPS locator to enable people to find a participating café nearby, where they can comfortably walk in with their reusable cup and know it will be accepted.”

 “Cafes also display a cup conscious café sticker to alert customers to their policy.”

 “We are set to go international and expect café sign ups in New York and Edinburgh as a result of a coordinated international push by the Environmental Paper Network of environment groups.”

The new website is:

International webpage for day of action:


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