Media Release: Pulp Mill Permit Expiry Welcomed – Call To Repeal The Pulp Mill Assessment Act

Expiry of the Tasmanian Pulp Mill Permit today has been welcomed by Markets For Change, who called for the Tasmanian government to now repeal the Pulp Mill Assessment Act – enabling legislation that gave the project Parliamentary approval after it failed to meet assessment standards as a Project of State Significance under the state’s planning system.

Markets For Change also urged the receivers of Gunns Ltd, the failed company behind the pulp mill bid, to confirm that they would now withdraw the Pulp Mill Permit from sale and to rule out making the contentious claim that there has been ‘substantial commencement’ of the project – the only remaining lifeline for the unpopular, doomed project.

“Finally, the Pulp Mill Permit has expired after plans for the project were first revealed in2003 by then Greens Leader Peg Putt, now the CEO of Markets for Change. That must be the end of this toxic, ill-conceived project,” Ms Putt said.

“The pulp mill relied three times on life support delivered by a mostly captive Parliament. It’s time to switch that support off.”

“The pulp mill has never had a social licence and threatened tremendous damage to the environment.”

“To give Tasmania a guarantee that we can all move on, the government should now move to repeal the Pulp Mill Assessment Act,” Ms Putt concluded.

A timeline of key events re the Pulp Mill from 2003-2017 is attached.

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