Media Release: So appallingly irresponsible it will rebound on investment – the view from Europe on Tasmania’s plan to log high conservation forests

13 October

The idea that Tasmania’s forest industry and Forestry Tasmania can be put on a sustainable footing by logging high conservation value forests previously legislated for protection is ludicrous, and will only provoke opposition whilst cementing an international reputation for retrograde practices unacceptable to modern investors and markets, according to Markets For Change.

Reacting from Europe, the CEO of Markets For Change, Peg Putt, who is attending meetings with investors in forestry projects and also liasing with international forest campaign groups at a major planning meeting, said that news of the announcement by the Tasmanian government has been met with horrified amazement.

“It is hard to imagine an announcement more targeted to rattle investors and deter international markets from buying Tasmanian forest products,” Ms Putt said.

“I am hearing at first hand the appalled reactions to plans that simply defy modern expectations of environmental responsibility and clearly set out to provoke domestic opposition for political purposes.”

“Tasmania’s international reputation as a high risk location for investment in native forest-based forestry just got a whole lot worse.”

“Heavy handed efforts to quash opposition to these irresponsible plans of the Hodgman government via their infamous protest laws can be expected to exacerbate this impression further.”

“This is not only a disaster in the making for exceedingly significant high conservation value forests loved by people far beyond the borders of Tasmania, it’s a disaster for any companies involved in this sector who hoped for a recovery based on responsible forest management,” Ms Putt concluded.

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