Media Release: Temporary Reprieve for Tasmania’s Unprotected HCV Forests

Temporary Reprieve for Tasmania’s Unprotected HCV Forests

Forest Industry must now be clear whether they want to risk reputation and log them from 2020


Whilst pleased that the unreserved high conservation value forests of Tasmania will not be logged next year after the Upper House voted down a government plan to do so, Markets For Change remains concerned that the same forests can come back onto logging schedules in 2020.

“A temporary reprieve from logging has been won for Tasmania’s unreserved high conservation value forests, but we remain concerned that they will come back onto logging schedules in 2020 instead of being securely protected,” said Markets For Change CEO Ms Peg Putt.

“Now the forest industry must be clear about their response to such logging occurring a couple of years later on, given that damage to their reputation and trade is just as likely to result at that time,” Ms Putt continued.

The major forest industry operators and their representative body, the Forest Industries Association of Tasmania, opposed the government’s logging plans because the destruction of important conservation values of forests previously designated by law for future protection would have endangered their reputation in the market place and had adverse impacts on trade in all forest products out of Tasmania.

“These forests must be protected from logging by placement in secure conservation reserves, as was the original legislated intention.”

“We will continue to stand up for these forests in the face of climate change, escalating endangerment of forest dependent species, and an antagonistic government determined to log.”

“The markets do care about the environmental credentials of the products they buy and sell, a point also made by Tasmania’s key forest industry players. We will continue to liase with the markets and inform them of the fate of these magnificent forests.”

“Unfortunately for the forests and for those weary of this ongoing saga, it’s not over yet,” Ms Putt concluded.

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