Media Release: Unsustainable logging of native forests not welcome in Tasmania as forests logged out in Victoria

The suggestion that Tasmania could become a logging haven for unsustainable forestry no longer able to operate in Victoria’s native forests due to overcutting there would be seen as a bad joke if not for its concurrence with Tasmanian government moves to put high conservation value forests back on the chopping block.

 The impending closure of Heybridge mill has been announced, largely as a result of unsustainable logging levels over the years, after it became apparent that massive government subsidies could only sustain a fraction of the jobs and would not support a viable operation.

“Let’s be very clear that the rape and pillage of Australia’s native forests is reaching the end game,” said Peg Putt, CEO of Markets For Change.

 “A desperate move to relocate the plunder from unsustainable logging of Victoria’s native forests to the high conservation value forests of Tasmania previously legislated for future reserve protection is totally unacceptable and will be vehemently resisted.”

 “Now is the time to get serious about doing things more intelligently and investing in alternatives to logging out some of our last natural forest treasures.”

 “The Tasmanian government’s attempt to put our outstanding forests back on the chopping block is already encouraging speculation that the state will become the last refuge for unsustainable logging.”

 “We won’t stand for it and we’re confident that public opinion is with us. We are certain that markets and consumers will respond to any campaign we are forced to initiate and will refuse to buy the product of such unacceptable plunder,” Ms Putt concluded.

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