Markets For Change Reports

Markets for Change conducts ongoing research and publications exposing the role of retailers in both driving forest destruction and being part of the solution.

Additional exposés will be released by MFC over the coming months as we continue our investigations into the market and retailers and their role in the destruction of our precious native forests both in Australia and overseas.

We will also be continuing our research into the solutions and the steps needed to rapidly provide sustainable wood and paper products to the Australian market.

Too Little Too Late


The failure of Japan’s housing industry supply chain to take effective action on the devastation of tropical forests and human rights, especially in Sarawak.

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Forest to Floor: How Japan’s Housing Construction is Driving Forest Destruction and the Dispossession of Indigenous People in Sarawak.

A report on how housing and condominium construction in Japan is driving forest devastation and the dispossession of indigenous people from their forest homes.

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Biomassacre: Logging forests for Bioenergy


The dangers of establishing native forest based bioenergy projects to substitute for Australia’s ailing woodchip export trade, including the adverse climate impacts that would arise, are outlined in a report by environment group Markets For Change.

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Harvey Norman Flooring: Naturally Australian Koala Habitat Destruction


The remaining koala populations of coastal NSW are being placed at greater risk of extinction due to the unsustainable logging of the native forests that they depend on for survival.

An investigation by Markets For Change has found the koala is being placed at greater risk due to the logging of forests it depends on for survival, which is being sold to unsuspecting customers as ‘Naturally Australian’ flooring by Harvey Norman.

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2012 Olympics Timber Report


For more than six months, MFC has followed timber from the ancient forests of Tasmania to the University of East London’s newly constructed Sports Dock which will be used by Team USA before and during the Olympic Games of 2012.

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No Harvey No Report

The result of a year-long investigation following the journey of timber sourced from native Australian forests in Tasmania, Victoria, New South Wales and Western Australia to furniture retailers such as Harvey Norman.

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Retailing the Forests Report

Focusing on Australian retailers involved in selling native forest products. Retailers are able to play a huge role in protecting the world’s native forests by implementing procurement policies that rule out the selling of native forest products.

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