Retailer solutions

Retailers can be part of the solution and grow their market for sustainable wood products by:

  • Publicly commit to stop selling products made from Australian native forests, or from primary forests overseas.
  • Implement, as a matter of urgency, comprehensive wood and paper product procurement policies that exclude Australian native forest products and primary forest timber from overseas; give preference to plantation products with full Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification.
  • Work proactively with governments, non-government organisations, the forestry industry, consumers and other retailers to implement a rapid transition for Australia’s forestry industry out of native forests and into responsibly managed domestic plantations.
  • Immediately implement a labeling policy that clearly identifies the species from which products are made, whether the trees have been harvested from ecologically responsible certified plantations or native/primary forests, and the country in which the products are manufactured.

Sourcing wood from sustainable sources is the first step.