Markets For Change

Markets For Change is a small team of dedicated and effective campaigners with a long history in forest campaigning both on the front lines and in the international markets. 



Peg Putt - CEO 


Peg Putt is CEO of Markets For Change, an Australian non-government environment organisation. She has been a forest campaigner for over 35 years, and was inscribed on the Tasmanian Honour Roll of Women in 2011 for Service to the Environment. She was previously a Member of Parliament representing the Tasmanian Greens Party in the Tasmanian Parliament for a total of 15 years from 1993-2008. She was the Parliamentary Leader of the Greens for 10 years until she decided to leave Parliament.

Peg was a Gunns 20 defendant in the infamous but unsuccessful case brought by Gunns Ltd against leading Tasmanian environmentalists during their failed attempt to build a huge pulp mill there.

Since late 2008 Peg has worked internationally on forests and climate, consulting to The Wilderness Society, Global Witness (UK), Humane Society International (Australia), and the Environmental Investigation Agency (Washington), as well as campaigning to stop illegal logging in Asia and Africa. She is on the international steering committee of the Environmental Paper Network.

Peg has been involved with markets campaigns in Japan since 1994.

Prior to her Parliamentary career, Peg led the Tasmanian Conservation Trust, established the Threatened Species Network in Tasmania, and was chair of the Huon Protection Group when they successfully halted a proposed woodchip mill in southern Tasmania. She commenced forest campaigning in the forests of northern New South Wales in the late 1970s.



Nathan Harris - Campaigner


Nathan Harris is the Campaigner at Markets For Change. He has been an environmental and social justice activist for 14 years and has been actively involved in forest campaigns in Tasmania and Western Australia. He has strategic and on the ground experience from participation in many grass-roots forest campaigns including working as a campaigner and activist with Still Wild Still Threatened on the ultimately successful and long running Florentine blockade in Southern Tasmania. 

Nathan was defendant in the Triabunna 13 case, in which 13 Tasmanian forest activists were sued by logging giant Gunns for shutting down their wood chip mill in Triabunna, on the east coast of Tasmania. Additional to his work with Markets For Change, Nathan is the co-founder and convenor of Tasmania Welcomes Diversity, a grass roots group which actively works to support refugees in Tasmania whilst opposing the activities of far-right and racist groups who seek to create division in the community. He was also a board member of the short lived but effective markets campaigning group The Last Stand. 

Nathan has an honours degree in History from the University of Tasmania and also studied journalism, public relations and international relations. His honours thesis explored colonial police racial relations in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. 

Since working for Markets For Change, Nathan has been engaged in research, social media campaigning, writing reports and negotiating with companies on several campaign trips to Japan. 


PK - Graphic Design Guru


PK has a long history in grass roots forest activism being heavily involved in the campaign to save Tasmania's southern forests. He has been actively engaged in environmental and social justice campaigns for over a decade. In recent years, PK has shifted his attention to his considerable design skills working for a number of progressive and environmental organisations including The Last Stand, before taking up a volunteer position as Markets For Change's chief design guru.



Andrew Wong


Andrew is a strategist and trainer in campaigning, communications and strategic thinking for progressive campaign groups. He has worked for many nonprofits, including as national Strategy Facilitator for The Wilderness Society, advanced campaign training for Greenpeace in seven countries, setting up a market segmentation system for WWF, and election analysis and strategy for GetUp!. He has a Bachelor of Science and has worked as a forest ecologist. He is a co-founder of Markets For Change.

 Jenny Weber


Jenny has been a frontline forest activist for 16 years. As a forest activist with the grassroots Huon Valley Environment Centre, she led the groundbreaking Ta Ann campaign. Her advocacy for protection of native forests, wilderness and endangered species is driven by the state of the environment and climate. Her commitment to non-violence and action for the Earth leads her campaign efforts. Jenny now works as the Campaign Manager with the Bob Brown Foundation. Gaining protection for takayna/Tarkine is a priority campaign for Bob Brown Foundation and Jenny, working towards a national and international campaign for a takayna/Tarkine National Park and World Heritage protection.

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